Best Prices & Biggest Range in SA
Fastest Turnaround [to your door - by cost-effective courier]
No Post-Office Required
A better, faster, all inclusive deal on prints & posters than any U.S. / U.K. site

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Why Poptart beats the biggest U.S. and European art sites on price, turnaround and convenience.

• U.S or European sites run daily discounts which look appealing but they do not include S.A. import duties, VAT and customs clearance which you will have to pay – at the Post Office.
• At least R100 extra is typically charged by the Post Office when you go to pick up your print.
• This increases relative to the value of your order
• U.S. and European sites do not tell you this and do not reflect it in their pricing.

Poptart charges less for shipping than U.S. or European sites.

• We ship to your door, anywhere in South Africa for R120.
• Foreign sites only ship to the Post Office and charge R165 from the U.S. or even R230 from the U.K.

Poptart delivers in an average 14 days via insured courier.

• U.S. and European sites advertise as shipping in 24 hours then take an average 3 – 4 weeks to get your print to you via the Post Office.

Bottom line – Poptart gives you a better value, all inclusive, faster and more convenient deal on posters and art prints than even the biggest U.S. or U.K. sites.